Roxy Fit monthly Food picks!

Roxy Fit monthly Food picks!

I’m excited to share with you all some new healthy food and snacks I’ve come across over the last couple of months

I am coeliac and I do find it difficult to find snacks that are actually healthy with no hidden sugars or preservatives, so bellow are a few this month that I have been loving on the go and at home. I hope you find this blog useful and if you suffer from being a coeliac or want ideas of healthly, quick and easy snacks try giving some of these ago. Even if you’re not coeliac these food and snacks are great for you to and delicious.


This peanut powder . I love to mix this in to my yoghurt’s, smoothies, porridge and Chia puddings or just add water to make my own peanut butter. A yummy tip is to add cinnamon for a bit of a twist to the peanut butter flavour. Sold at Asda, Sainsburys and whole foods.



312850011_0_640x640Koko yogurt. Yummy!!I have always loved their dairy free coconut milk but now they have a yogurt which has got me very excited as I find it hard to find a tasty non dairy yogurt that’s not packed with sugar or other preservatives. I love mixing the peanut butter powder with the yogurt and putting fresh
blueberries and raspberries on top ?. Click on this link to see which supermarkets sell this product


Toasted coconut flakes. I love these to snack on and I always put them in a Tupperware and sprinkle some cinnamon on them and mix it all together. It’s such a lovely snack (great for taking to the cinema). I get mine from Whole foods (a big organic bag) but you can get them from most supermarkets.


imagesChia and coconut porridge. This porridge is fabulous. Again I have struggled to find a uick on the go porridge that isn’t packed with rubbish. And is the right amount to keep me going during the morning. I love this with my Koko milk (half water half koko milk)A tea spoon of the peanut Powder and sometimes I will add some protein powder in there too. I also then add some blueberries and mix linseed and flaxseeds on top it doesn’t need a sweetener ?. Sold at Sainsbury’s, ASDA ,Ocado ,Boots ,Nutri Centre ,Waitrose and Birchbox



Kale baked crisps. Make your own kale crisps or you can buy them in whole foods, planet organic and pret. I like to make my own though as you get more out of it and a lot cheaper and you also know what ingredients is on them. Let me know if you would like the recipe for this on another blog post :). I oven bake the kale but before I drizzle some (tiny amount) of olive oil, salt, pepper and paprika over it before it goes in the oven for about 10/15 minutes on a low heat.
1-gtigb0614-20-f11485Twinings Ginger bread green tea. This isn’t really a summer snack but I found it and love it specially if I’m craving something sweet in the evening. Twinings ginger bread green tea ? life changing haha!! No but seriously it really is so delic
ious and hits the cravings and its just a cup of tea. I do add extra fresh ginger in there to give it even more flavour and because I love ginger.


Itsu wasabi flavoured seaweed thins. Now these are going to be like marmite for people you’ll either love it or hate it ?? I’m a lover. Even though there isn’t much to it if your needing a very ver
y light snack try these they will help. If I have friends over I will always have them in a bowel as well as the crackers and dips just for some healthier  alternatives.



Fresh olives .With olives I love to squeeze a lemon and drizzle some pesto (I have my own dairy and gluten free recipe for this if you would like a blog about this recipe) over them. You will feel like you are in the Mediterranean for a second. Again perfect
for when you have guest over for nibbles.


Munchy seedsmunchy-seeds-potsI love these to add to my on the go smoothies, chai puddings and porridge, salads and just a on the go snack, I will measure out 1/4 of a cup and keep them in a sandwich bag that I can munch on through out the day, I
measure the portion out so that I don’t over indulge and eat the whole tub :p which would defeat the whole object. Some supermarkets sell them in little packets already made in to snack sizes :). You can buy these at lakeland, sainsbury’s and waitrose you can also order them off amazon.

Please let me know if you would like to see this type of blog again and if so would you like to read it on a monthly basis i.e my monthly food picks. And I will make sure to make this more of a regular blog post.  As I am always looking for new and healthy foods to try.

Please let me know down bellow in the comment section or on my social media account :

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I would also love to hear from you about what new healthy snacks that you have tried recently and loved and you think I would like as I always like to hear about them 🙂 .
Thanks for reading guys and xXx