Healthy Wholefoods haul

An insight to my weekly food shop at whole foods. All vegan and Gluten free products.

I hope you enjoyed my last healthy shopping blog  ‘My Healthy Grocery shopping guide’ and have found it useful already. I also get a lot of questions about ‘what food & products do you get from Whole Foods Market?’ so I figured it only made sense to capture it in a blog!

All of the food I get from Whole Foods is gluten & dairy free as I have an intolerance to them both. Personally, for these items I find Whole Foods fabulous. I have shopped around a lot, and none of the products below cause me any stomach issues and use the most natural ingredients.

Let me know if you give any of these products a try. I love to hear your thoughts and other items you love too! My blog is somewhere people can come and share their own health journey and help others.

At the bottom of this blog I have also left a link for you guys to shop on my Amazon shop where you can purchase these items from so you are not missing out 😉

My go-to shopping list at Whole Foods


Mighty tahini – This is legit the bomb. If you haven’t tried this stuff & love tahini then run over there now ;). I literally drizzle it on everything!

Roots hummus – I love their original oil free hummus. Most hummus brands really upset my stomach, and that’s why I make my own…but not everybody has time for that! So finally I have found a brand which makes amazing hummus and no stomach issues! They have some other fantastic flavors too including roasted red pepper, garlic, original & sriracha :P.

Carrot & Celery sticks – To dip into that delicious hummus above. When I have a really busy week and don’t have time to chop and prepare my own.

♡ Fresh beets – I buy these every week, boil them for 20mins, chop them up in to squares and stick them in a Tupperware in the fridge so that I have it on hand all week for fresh salads or my new beetroot falafel recipe (which is amazing). Sign up to my 8 week program and the recipe is on there ;).

My new fav brunch recipe ‘Breakfast tex Burrito’ Going to be sharing this recipe on the blog soon!

♡  Siete wraps – These are the best fajita wraps. Not only are they grainless, gluten free and vegan  but they are also made from fresh ingredients with no preservatives or added sugars. Great for Taco Tuesday or a breakfast burrito like the one above.


Frozen Okra – super hard to find, but I love this vegetable and I have finally found it in Whole Foods’ frozen section :).

♡ Imagine Tomato & basil creamy soup – For a quick meal this soup is perfect as its low in salt, sugar, gluten and dairy (v)free.

Califia farms Almond milk – This is the only almond milk I buy unless I am making it homemade. No added sugars or preservatives which a lot of other brands put in to theirs.

Artisana Organics Coconut & almond butter – I love their butters made from such high quality ingredients it feels like I have made it from home.


Tea pigs – Peppermint and ginger & lemon tea – The best herbal tea :).

Coconut water – The freshest tastiest coconut water. Their organic coconut water is clear when bottled, some of them turn pink when the antioxidants interact with light. It’s natural, so they embrace it.


WTRMLN Water – This stuff was a life saver in my first trimester. It is super refreshing and hydrating without the bad stuff added to it.

Last but not least, I occasionally in the evenings love to have a square of dark chocolate. I miss the UK chocolate a lot but I have finally found two brands I like. 

♡ HU – I  just had their plain dark chocolate which I know is boring, but I like to just taste the cacao and nothing else when I eat chocolate. HU Chocolate is gluten, soy and dairy free but tastes super creamy. It is very pricey though, hence why I only take 1 square at a time.

EatingEvolved Primal Chocolate – A little less pricey. I like the Midnight coconut (no sugar added) or Dark Chocolate flavors

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