How to keep fit in the first trimester

An insight into my daily workouts during my 1st trimester

Luckily for me I am qualified in ante and post natal training so feel confident in my workouts! I kept my workouts the same, a lot from my online program. Allowing for more rest when needed, listening to my body or a day off here & there when I wasn’t feeling well! I was also lucky as I didn’t show at all in my 1st trimester which didn’t give me any discomfort or niggles. I made sure I started to incorporate exercises that I knew were going to maintain my muscle mass and help my body pre and post labour. Here is a workout that will strengthen your inner core and help with your posture control throughout your pregnancy. 

My outlook going in to this journey was that I was exercising to help my body through this period of my life and to really look after it. Not to hit personal bests, unsustainable goals and exhaust my body. Its really important to know why you are doing exercise during pregnancy and have knowledge and a understanding of how to train whilst pregnant. A lot of people are scared and others over do it and ignore signs that your body needs rest and time to grow. Both of these don’t need to be the case, If you are not sure what you should be doing seek professional advise, help, training or classes (make sure they are fully qualified in this field before training with them). Then you know with full confidence that what you are doing exercise wise for your body is helping you and your baby. Please click HERE to read my first trimester blog where I go in to full detail about the benefits of working out whilst pregnant.

Below is an example week of my first trimester training routine. Please remember this doesn’t mean that you have to follow this routine as don’t forget I have had a high level of fitness most of my life.  If my body didn’t feel right on one of those training days then I would take it as a rest day and maybe just do some light yoga, stretches or glute/core activations.  If you are a beginner do not try anything new exercise wise ease in to the following examples below and try getting in 3 workouts per week to start with

  1. go for long walks,
  2. go to a personal trainer who specialises in this field,
  3. go to a pregnancy fitness class
  4. Perform exercises you feel confident in which are going to protect and help your body i.e my glute strengthening routine click here , inner core exercises click here to see my video tutorial on how to activate your inner core and dynamic stretches click here
  5. Pre natal yoga


My weekly workout routine whilst in my 1st trimester

I make sure after every session I foam roll and stretch for at least 5/10mins

MONDAY – Before I start my Resistance circuit from my 8 week program I do 5mins of inner core activation to make sure my muscles are engaged for the workout ahead. The workout- I exclude any crunches, sit ups or any abdominal exercises that can effect my rectus abdominals which then leads to diathesis recti) Example exercises

*Squat press – Squats are great for pregnancy they maintain strength and range of motion in the hips, glutes, core, and pelvic floor muscles. When performed correctly, squats can help improve posture, and they have the potential to assist with the birthing process.  

*Burpees – Which I modify a lot I work on more control stepping back instead of jumping back  as I don’t want to lose control of my inner core.

*Lunges with lateral arm raise

*Skii Jumps

*Sumo Squats

In between each set doing 1min fast run on the treadmill (used to be a sprint but I didn’t feel comfortable when I tried sprinting) you can instead of the running do fast incline walk, bike and cross trainer. Click HERE for an example of my circuits on my IG. I also have more detailed workouts on my IGTV channel too.

TUESDAY – Cardio day which will either be outdoor interval running or on the treadmil changing pace and incline. Listening to my body and if I feel any discomfort slowing it down or stopping. Followed by Yoga stretches for pregnancy, gluten activation click here to watch.

WEDNESDAY – Usually my day off or I will head to a yoga class which is a 30min walk away so it is more of a active rest day but my body is really benefiting from the yoga stretches and strengthening.

THURSDAY – HIIT workout – I modified this from my 8 week program as there are a lot of plyometrics which I was able to handle in my first trimester but exercises that involve a lot more abdominal control I would modify i.e – walking in to plank, mountain climbers and burpees.

FRIDAY – Inner core and gluten activation in to Another resistance circuit from my 8 week program

SATURDAY– I started going to soul cycle to make my cardio lower impact. I am used to spinning as I had cardio sessions on my 8 week program I used to perform so I felt comfortable going to this class.

SUNDAY – Day of rest, have some me time and also spend some quality time with the hubby. Sunday is also a day where I have a day off social media and switch off. I also love having a Epsom salt bath for recovery and also a lovely hair and face mask.

Found this blog useful then go check out HERE my 1st Trimester blog with tips & ideas to help you through it :).Next on my pregnancy series I will be sharing my 2nd trimester weekly workout routine and what is in my hospital bag :).

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