My makeup routine for the gym

My 10 top tips from my make up routine to make you feel sexy and confident whilst working out

When working out most women still want to feel confident. I always find that if you have a good sports outfit on and you feel like you look good then you feel more motivated. Below I have lots of hopefully interesting and exciting makeup for the gym ideas for you all :). The great thing about this routine too is it only takes me 10mins to put my self together and feel confident.

Now this doesn’t mean having a full face of make up on, as that would feel horrible and uncomfortable and at the end of your work out you would have most of it dripping down your face which is not an attractive look.

Below is my go to makeup for the gym and when going to my clients for their personal training sessions. This is what helps me feel good about my self. I am always in fitness clothes for work so I also want to feel pretty and at least half decent, especially when having to train clients. I don’t want to turn up to clients looking a hot mess but I also don’t want to look to made up. Obviously If I am doing a really sweaty cardio session, Hiit or hot yoga session I will not even bother as no makeup can survive that kind of sweat :p.

Step 1  After prepping my skin with my skincare routine (that’s a blog for another day ;p). I always use a good Moisturiser and a special face sun cream before applying any make up. With skin care I do tend to splash out as I do think it is very important to look after your skin. A good skin care routine keeps my skin plump, prevents ageing and getting dry. The products I use are from the skin care specialised brand ZO Medical by ZEIN OBAGI.

I then go on to using an eye cream :- Murad – Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture For Eyes  I love this product as it really does work and I really feel the difference when I don’t use it. It is a anti-aging moisturizer for the delicate eye area relieves dry and dehydrated skin instantly. Helps restore youthful resilience and reduce the appearance of fine lines. It keeps my eyes hydrated, it gets rid of the puffiness, dark circles, dryness and uneven skin tones.I wouldn’t recommend this for my younger readers, I would recommend this for ages 25+. I do how ever recommend using some kind of eye cream from the age of 21 as it helps prevent and protect. No7 is what I used to wear and It is also a lot more cost effective.

Step 2 – I really enjoy wearing a primer even when Im not wearing any foundation as it smoothes out the surface so your makeup lasts longer and looks even and corrects skin tones.


The one that I love to wear and I swear this is what helps me glow all day is the MARC JACOBS BEAUTY  Perfecting Coconut Face Primer

The refreshing feel of coconut to your face while it perfects and extends makeup wear. With its hydrating, nutrient-rich formula, it is especially ideal for normal to dry skin types to create a smooth and improved skin surface before applying foundation. It’s enriched with concentrated coconut extracts that form a natural, vitamin-rich barrier between your skin and makeup. The result is makeup that stays on longer and skin that appears younger-looking and better than ever. It is also made with out Parabens, Sulfates & Phthalates.

Step 3 – After my skin prep its time for my makeup. When I work out I  skip a foundation routine as this can clog up your pores when sweating.  If I do want some sort of coverage and even out my skin tone (which is more so in the winter) I would still only use a tinted moisturiser over a foundation which is more breathable for your skin. I really recommend either.

Laura Mercer tinted moisturiser – I use either color Tan or walnut.

Dream fresh BB cream I use color deep right now for the summer.

Step 4 – Concealer. I wear this most days after applying eye cream and primer. Especially on my more early morning starts. I place the smallest amount under my eyes to hide any dark circles and then if I do have any blemishes or red marks on my face I will blend that in with my beauty blender which I think I also a great product :).

Bobby brown Intensive skin serum concealer – I use at the moment color natural tan.

I really love this product because it helps re-energizes tired-looking skin and supports its natural repair process while boosting the skin’s moisture levels for a plumper, smoother, and more refreshed look.

Then the beauty blending sponge I use to blend my concealer is beautyblender BBF and then for my face area the Original beauty blender .I love using these blenders as they make your make up blend so well in to your skin and look super natural.

Step 5 – I love to wear a good illuminator cream to high light my cheek bones. When working out I stick to a gel or cream one so that it stays on my face and doesn’t rub off like a powder one would. I always think it looks so pretty to have on the top of my check bones and in the corner of my eyes ;).



First up is :

Nars Illuminator  in Color Orgasm, this colour I think compliments most skin types with its rose gold pinky peach tones through it. I always get compliments when wearing this on my cheeks and I even wore this on my wedding day which lasted all day even in the summer heat :).



A cheaper alternative 

Revlon Photo ready skin lights and I use the colour peach light.

Step 6 – Bronzed babe. I always love to wear a bit of bronzer as I think it really adds dimension to your face and makes you look more awake and sun kissed! With the bronzer I will contour my cheeks and bronze up my forehead and then a tip for making your eyes to appear bigger is to blend bronzer with a eye blending brush in the creases of your eye sockets and then under your bottom lash line ;).

My go to bronzers are

Guerlain – Terracotta sun trio in color deep. This bronzer is flawless and I swear blurs out any imperfections, it doesn’t budge and really does suit most skin types, Natural looking, imperceptible finish and I love it because it doesn’t look cakey or too orange.

A cheaper alternative bronzer : Rimmel Natural Bronzer.This bronzer is great because its waterproof

The last Four products I then use are for the eyes, brows and lips

Step 7 – Mascara – This is one product that where ever I go, what ever I do I love to wear as I just think it makes such a difference and I feel so much better when I have it on. I don’t actually use a waterproof mascara as I find they are very drying on your lashes.Instead of water proof I only put mascara on my top lashes which I find then have no issues with smudging and running. I have how ever listed one waterproof mascara that If I was to use it it’s the best one I have tried.

I have found that these two mascaras have worked the best for working out and have not run down my face or damaged my lashes.

I use two but you can skip using two. I like to have one to highlight the length and one for the volume

Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama – I love this mascara not only does it fully lengthen your lashes its super affordable too ;).


Benefit Badgal BANG Mascara – I cant tell you how much I love Benefits mascaras and this one I am so obsessed with right now. It gives you such amazing volume with just one stroke. The brush is designed to reach from root-to-tip and corner-to-corner of both your upper and lower lashes for big volume with 360-degree reach. This smudge-proof, water-resistant, volumizing mascara is also formulated with provitamin B5 to support natural lash thickness and strength.

Lancome Hypnose waterproof mascara this mascara really lifts your lashes and keeps the volume locked in all day and never runs down my face.

Every night before I go to bed put a tiny amount of coconut oil on my lashes or lash serum to help repair any damage over night and to keep them moisturised.

Step 8 – Brow game ?. Having well groomed brows can really change your face and make you look put together with out anything else on your face. I get my brows waxed & tinted in a benefit brow bar on 7th avenue and then just maintain them myself as I like the messier fuller look.

I only ever use one product because its fabulous. Its quick, easy, natural looking and once I apply the gel they will not budge all day!

It’s the Anastasia beverly hills brow wiz and brow gel. I use in shade soft brown

Step 9- Pucker up. Recently since my wedding day when I used this product I haven’t gone back. I apply a very natural colour lip liner and fill my lips in and then I just apply a lip balm over the top to keep them hydrated, you could also use a tinted lip balm but I have found with this product its just not needed and its then very easy for me to just apply maybe even just once as its that good.

The Estee Lauder double wear lip liner – In colour Mauve

The only lip balm I use is the amazing FOUR: lip balm. FOUR products, our 100% organic lip balm it is just a special blend of just (four) natural ingredients: Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Peppermint Oil. It is SPF 4 naturally, and lasts up to four times longer than regular lip balm.



A cheaper alternative for a lip liner is the NYX lip liners as they are so cheap and do stay on pretty well. They also have a good selection of colours but the one closest to the one above is in the new colour- light dusty rose .

Step 10 – I don’t usually use a setting spray on a day to day basis because I don’t think it is great to have my make up locked in whilst I am working out. How ever I do really recommend the Urban decay all nighter setting spray as it really does do what it says on the tin and doesn’t let your make up move. I also like it because it is hydrating and cooling which is nice after you are all hot and bothered. I used this for my wedding day and my makeup didn’t budge all day not even when people went in to kiss me on the cheek.

I really love using this setting mist on a more daily basis  Mark Jacobs Recover Perfecting Coconut Setting Mist, specially if I have been working out and have to meet friends for brunch or dinner afterwards.Its. A 24-hour makeup setting mist that hydrates while giving skin a fresh, dewy glow. Revive your glow, and set and perfect your makeup with this next-level setting mist. It combines 24-hour performance with hydrating, skin-loving actives. This fine, micro-mist delivers a healthy-looking dewy glow to the complexion, at the same time, locking in makeup so that it stays put and looks fresh all day long.
I feels and smells amazing to spray on your skin with out even effecting your make up and just generally refreshens your face. I hold it about 10cm from my face and spray about 3 pumps all over.

The make up brushes I used for this look



And the beauty blenders linked above

I hope this makeup for the gym blog helps you get some ideas and tips on how to still feel sexy at the gym.

Please feel free to leave me a comment on products you like to wear at the gym and if any of these products have worked for you. Or if you have enjoyed reading this type of blog on my page I would love to hear from you all :).

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