My Wimbledon Q&A with Britain's no.4 Liam Broady

Talking food, fitness & a whole host of other topics with a top athlete! 

Liam, from Stockport in the UK is 24 and a previous  #2 junior in the world and Wimbledon finalist. He won the doubles at Junior Wimbledon and the Australian Open. He therefore has good pedigree and since he has teamed up with David Sammel his ranking has improved from 400 to a career high of 154. He has made the finals of two Challenger events and the quarter-finals of the St. Petersburg Open. He is a very engaging personality and as he climbs the rankings will become an extremely popular player. He understands his media responsibilities and increasingly managing the balance between normal life and the work he has to do to become a top player. He is playing the singles and doubles at Wimbledon 2018.

His coach is the best selling author of the mind book Locker Room Power ( and Liam and several other players have embraced this philosophy into their games. 

Liam Broady with coach David Sammel

Nutrition questions. All about Liam’s eating habits before, during and after a tournament 

Roxy : What’s a typical nutrition day for you when you’re training? 

Liam : That kind of depends on how much I’m training in the day but usually I wake up, some hard boiled eggs that I’ve left in the fridge from the night before, maybe three, on some gluten-free toast with some avocado and salmon. Maybe a little bit of porridge if I’m a lot hungrier and I’ll take a banana on-court with me for training so that I don’t get hungry during. Then lunch, I tend to go for quinoa with a salmon steak and that’s about it until after my gym session in the afternoon, which I have a coffee just before. Then I go for a protein shake back in the café and maybe another portion of quinoa and a chicken breast. Then by dinner time, which is around three hours later, maybe around seven, 7:30, I like to mix up dinner sometimes so I don’t get too bored. I’ll have anything really from chicken burger with sweet potato fries to a steak and rice. Dinner changes and I try to mix it up so I don’t get bored. 

Roxy : What is your go-to meal? 

Liam : I’d say my go-to meal, again, this depends on the time of day, would probably be some sort of seafood, maybe salmon, a white fish possibly and some rice with a side of vegetables, whether that’s broccoli or a mixed sort of sautéed veg. 

Roxy : What’s your favourite cheat meal and snack? 

Liam : My favourite cheat meal and snack. I think my favourite cheat meal has to be a [shake shacker 00:01:44]. I’ve got it pretty nailed down. I go two double burgers with cheese fries and a chocolate milk shake and it’s absolutely amazing. I try to keep those to a minimum. My favourite snack would probably have to be salted popcorn. I can eat tonnes of that. 

Roxy : What eating routine helps you feel your best on the court and energy wise? 

Liam : The most important thing for me that I have learned over the last year or so about my body is that when I’m on court, I always need something to snack on, whether that’s a carbohydrate gel which is basically full of sugar, bananas for that energy releases across the match. I probably eat two or three bananas across a match and I always make sure that I eat a really big breakfast in the mornings and if I have time I’ll have a solid lunch or a little snack beforehand, maybe 45 minutes before I go on, too. 

Roxy : What foods do you avoid? 

Liam : I try to avoid most fatty foods and just the general stuff, really, like french fries and burgers, soft drinks, aside from my cheat meals. Absolutely quite recently I’ve decided to give up dairy and pork because of numerous articles I’ve read on the internet and the obvious health benefits, too. 

               Fitness questions

Roxy : What exercise or workout gives you the most confidence? 

Liam : For me personally, I always feel good when I come out of a weight session. I feel like I can run really well and weights, I always feel like I benefit from massively. 

Roxy : What exercise do you dread? 

Liam : For me, it would probably be the 10 400-meter sprints, maybe below 75 seconds with equal time rest in between. That’s a pretty brutal one to get your head around but you always feel great after that and I know a good watt bike session’s absolutely nails, too. 

Roxy : What’s the hardest workout you’ve ever done? 

Liam : That’s a good question. I’ve done so many in my life, I think there was one maybe a couple years ago that was pretty tough that you basically had to run the first 400 as quick as you could and then keep it under 75 seconds every sprint afterwards and do 10 like that and by the seventh one I was cramping in both my quads and I still had to finish the workout and it was really brutal. 

Roxy : What does a typical tennis day of training look like? 

Liam : Usually it would probably consist of a two-hour training session. This is in pre-season. It would consist of a two-hour training session of tennis on the court and then that’s including a 30-minute warmup and stretching afterwards, however long you feel is appropriate. Probably shower up, grab lunch and then maybe an hour and a half in the gym in the afternoon, dependent on the day again and stretch afterwards again. 

Roxy : What is your goal for 2018?

Liam : I have numerous goals for 2018. My biggest goal for 2018, and you most important I feel, is probably top 100. One of the other ones is also to win a challenger title which is also important to me. 


Quick & fun this or that questions

Roxy : Cardio or weights? 

Liam : Cardio. 

Roxy : Meat or fish? 

Liam : Fish. 

Roxy : Chocolate or vanilla? 

Liam : Chocolate. 

Roxy : For breakfast, sweet or savoury? 

Liam : Savoury every day. 

Roxy : Spicy or non spicy?

Liam : Spicy. 

Roxy : Sprints or watt bike? 

Liam : Watt bike. 

Roxy : Netflix or YouTube? 

Liam : Netflix and chill. 

Roxy : Phone call or text? 

Liam : Phone call. 

Roxy : Instagram or Twitter? 

Liam : Instagram. 

Roxy : Mobile games or console games? 

Liam : Console games. 

Roxy : Hip-hop or house music? 

Liam : Hip-hop.

Roxy : Big party or small gathering? 

Liam : Big party. 

Roxy : New clothes or new phone electronics? 

Liam : New clothes. 

Roxy : Football or basketball?

Liam : English football. 

Roxy : Work hard or play hard? 

Liam : Work hard, baby. 

Roxy : Nice car or nice home? 

Liam : Nice home. 

Roxy : Cinema or theatre? 

Liam : I’d go cinema. 

Roxy : Summer or winter holiday? 

Liam : Summer holiday. 

Roxy : Private jet or boat? 

Liam : Private jet, if I had one. 

Roxy : Trainers or sandals?

Liam : Trainers. 

Roxy : Hamburger or taco? 

Liam : Taco. 

Roxy : Online shopping or shopping in a store? 

Liam : Shopping in a store. 

Roxy : Passenger or driver? 

Liam : Driver. 

To follow Liam’s career and at Wimbledon 2018 follow him and coach David Sammel for daily updates on Instagram @liambroady @davidsammel_lrp



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