The perfect on the go workout!


I always get the question on IG ‘what workout do you do when you don’t have much time or much equipment?’ This is a great question as I actually love these types of workouts as I can get creative and sometimes I get the most out of them because they are short, sharp and you use all of your body.

The workout

I decided to share with you one of my favourite workouts which I do myself on a weekly basis. Because sometimes I don’t want to go to the gym, class or have to think much about a big gym session. I just want to get a good sweat on, target my whole body and then get on with the rest of my day. The best part? I can do it anywhere, anytime. I have done it in the gym, at home and outdoors. You don’t need any equipment. Just your body, your phone timer and a whole lot of fun energy!

I usually do just bodyweight exercises specially if I am traveling and have only a small space in a hotel room, but sometimes I add a medicine ball, booty bands or dumbbells to it.

The exercises

Some days I alternate high intensity cardio exercises like burpees and squat jumps , with lower intensity core exercises like moving plank and butterfly sit ups. Other days I switch between upper body, lower body in-between the high intensity cardio moves. I design it to what I want to do and burn that day.

30sec on 10sec rest x2 rounds.  Having the short rest periods mean that I don’t have time to think, and give up. I just do around 10 exercises one high intensity cardio straight in to one lower intensity/body weight exercise and do this until I have completed all of the circuit. Having the variety also makes it fun and really challenging.

I use this work out at least once a week!


Here is an example order of 10 exercises I may do:


Plank shoulder taps

1 squat jump peddle backwards with high knees and keep repeating 

Alternating step ups or if no step then just lunges 

Lunge jumps 

Kneel down/ lunge back (burns the quads and the booty)example of this exercise :on this video last exercise demonstrated 

mountain climbers 

lateral lunges 

In and out jumps 

Sumo Squats all the way up on to your tip toes 

Give it and go and let me know how you get on! I love hearing when you guys have tried my workouts :). For more workouts visit and follow my IG page @_roxyfit_ . And looking for a fitness online plan then sign up to my 8 week program where you get 8 weeks worth of workout videos, health guide and recipes to do in conjunction. This will make you feel inside and out body beautiful and finally have made a healthy lifestyle change for good!

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