Pre Natal Training Tips with Lula

A guest blog 

Lula is a freelance pre and post natal trainer and yoga teacher in SW London. Having previously been a nanny she loves everything to do with pregnancy and babies.  

Laura Lucas – Trained PT and very experienced pre and post natal coach.


*** Always check with your Doctor/ Midwife before starting any pre or post natal exercise programme*** 

5 Tips for Pre Natal Training 

1. Talk test: Train at a moderate level throughout your pregnancy. You should be able to hold a conversation throughout every exercise — if you find yourself getting breathless then you are probably overdoing it! 

2. Maintain rather than improve – Pregnancy is not a time to drastically improve your fitness levels. If you are starting from scratch start by walking everyday and gradually build up to bodyweight strengthening exercises such as squats and lunges. Make sure you seek advice from a pre and post natal specialist before starting an exercise programme to make sure you are doing suitable exercises with correct alignment. 

3. “Hug the baby” TVA activation – Learning how to activate and strengthen your transverse abdominals using this simple technique will help to prevent lower back pain and support your growing bump:

Find a comfortable seated position on a chair or a yoga block, make sure your spine is neutral and your abdominal muscles are relaxed. Place your hands on your bump. This is your starting position. Take a deep inhale through your nose, filling your lungs. As you slowly exhale draw your belly button in towards your spine and at the same time engage and draw up through your pelvic floor. Imagine you are using your abdominals to wrap your baby in towards your midline. Gently release your abdominals and pelvic floor back to your starting position. Repeat. 


Me at 9 months pregnant


4. Pelvic floor exercises Try to get into the habit of doing regular pelvic floor exercises — Learning how to engage and release your pelvic floor will assist labour and help prevent urinary incontinence and prolapse post birth. The following link has a useful explanation of how to do your pelvic floor exercises safely and correctly: 

5. Squat – Squatting is one of the best exercises for pregnancy, it is suitable for all 3 trimesters and when performed correctly will strengthen your glutes and core which will help stabilise your pelvis –  decreasing the chances of lower back and pelvic pain. 


5 Things to Avoid During Pregnancy 

1. High impact exercises – Even if you regularly did high impact training pre-pregnancy you should ease off this as your pregnancy progresses — High impact exercises will put unnecessary strain on your joints and pelvic floor. 

2. Deep twists, crunches, any exercises that ‘jackknife’ the body – These put unnecessary pressure on your abdominal wall and can increase your chances of getting diastasis recti (abdominal separation). 

3. Lying on your back (supine position): From about 16 weeks onwards you should avoid lying flat on your back for long periods of time as it may restrict blood flow to the baby and can make you feel nauseous or dizzy. 

4. Coning – Try to avoid any exercises that cause the “coning” effect (A  protrusion down the midline of your tummy) as it puts a lot of pressure on your abdominal wall and may increase your chances of diastasis recti (abdominal separation). Watch out for this from second & third trimester and also postpartum (See pic to the right of coning during pregnancy). 

5. Isometric abdominal exercises – Try to avoid holding a static move i.e. plank from second trimester onwards as this can increase your blood pressure and put unnecessary pressure on your abdominal wall. 

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