San Francisco

San Fransisco
On a shoot with Dan Goodman

We loved San Francisco as a city! I went with such a open mind as I has heard so many mixed reviews. Some people were disappointed and others absolutely loved it. For me it did not disappoint. It is so diverse with its beaches, many hills, fun & different area districts to explore and bustling city streets. It has so much character and we had a fabulous time exploring it. My advice to you if you are planning the same trip is to do what I did and do your research well. Plan some of your daytime activities and dinners in advanced as it makes your stay go smoothly as things do get booked up quickly and you don’t want to miss out on anything.

Where to eat: Brunch/Lunch  
The plant cafe organic
San Francisco
Salad bowl at The Plant Cafe Organic

San Francisco

They serve exclusively 100% organic ingredients, ethically raised organic meats and sustainable seafood. This was seriously good. Definitely our favourite brunch restaurant. All of the ingredients in my salad brunch bowl tasted so fresh and there was such a variety to choose from. I made my own salad bowl which is something I love to do as you know exactly what you are getting and it is even better when the restaurant has all of the ingredients you want and more.  There smoothies and juices are to die for.

San Francisco
Bowl’D Acai – Original Gangster
Bowl’d Acai

Bowl’d Acai have three food trucks spread across San Francisco. They serve up a small menu of acai bowls, juices and smoothies which I actually really liked as sometimes I am overwhelmed by choice. I went for the Original Gangster  bowl, except I replaced the granola with goji berries as I cant have granola and I just cant resist goji berries :). It was still super sweet and delicious. My husband went for the ‘These Nuts’ and he said they smother it in nut butter, which he definitely wasn’t complaining about!

Blue barn 
Blue Barn
Grain bowls at Blue barn

This little gem we actually stumbled past on our first day whilst walking down Chesnut st. Which is also a street I definitely recommend for you all to stroll down. It has a cool LA vibe to it but a lot more laid back.  We were starving and this was just the place I needed to see. From its large selection of grain bowls to freshly made soups and homemade sandwiches. We both selected our own bowl which was cool and it again was so tasty and fresh which kept us full until dinner time. I love also the barn chic decor inside which made it unique.

Dinner Time

San Fransisco

Foreign Cinema

If you have to take one restaurant from this list this is one to take. As it is is super unique, fun, delicious and very reasonably priced. I loved how you could still be eating outside but extremely warm from the heaters and sheltered either side from the buildings. And then they had kept the original movie screen which was running old movies in the background. And when  you gazed up you had these really pretty fairy lights. I will most definitely be paying Foreign Cinema a visit again. I recommend the Pacific ahi crudo tuna as it so tender and juicy.

Roy’s Restaurant 

San Fransisco

We had previously tried this restaurant in San Diego and raved about it. Then to our surprise when looking for best fish restaurants Roy’s popped up again. It is an excellent seafood restaurant with delicious meat options too. I was super excited because I usually can’t eat sushi rolls as I am really intolerant to rice. At roysrestaurants they were super accommodating and made me the rolls wrapped in cucumber 🥒💕such a great combo as it has a crunch to it & it’s super light & a healthy option 👌🏼. Inside the cucumber was lobster & avocado with Tobika! My husband had the Classic Four which was fantastic as he got to have the black cod which I have had from here before and its amazing but also all the other wonderful fish dishes Hibachi Grilled Atlantic Salmon – Misoyaki “Butterfish” Blackened Island Ahi – Roasted Macadamia Nut Mahi Mahi.

Gracias Madre

San Fransisco
Gracias Madres

I had read about this place a lot so knew I wanted to put this on our list. We were super lucky to get a reservation as it gets booked up very quickly. It is a delicious Mexican restaurant which is 100% vegan. Our favourite dishes included the Bowl Dos – lentils, mushrooms, spinach, peanut sauce, coconut brown rice, pico de gallo. Platanos con Mole Negro 16 Fried plantains topped with mole, cashew cream and sesame seeds. Served with beans and tortillas. Try adding some pineapple salsa and avocado is so dreamy

Let me know if you hit any of these places up by tagging me in your social media posts!

Where we worked out

We were only there for the 3 days so this gave us very little time to try and explore new classes. However I did make it to one class.

Ritual hot Yoga. This fabulous yoga studio was such a great find and perfect to do after getting off a flight. It might not look like much when you first walk in but the class was amazing. It reminded me a lot of Y7 with the candle lit atmosphere but they had an assistant who came round to help put you in the right pose and adjust your posture. I really like when teachers do this as I never quite know with Yoga whether I am doing the right thing so this is such a plus for me. The teacher Marissa was super easy to follow and was full of positive and fun energy. Follow her and the studio on IG  and Marissa 

San Fransisco
Ritual Hot Yoga

We also did a 9mile bike ride from our hotel over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito which was one of my favourite adventures with my husband. With breath taking views, hill challenges and seeing one of the wonders of the world at the same time

Lastly I took myself and husband through a hotel room work out which If you click on this it will take you to the video workout ;).

  • Alcatraz. This historic attraction isn’t to be missed. This island is a mile off the mainland of San Francisco. It was a high security prison, complete with military fortifications, a cell house and a lighthouse. The audio-tour around the cellblock is by far the best audio-tour I have ever done. Book in advance to avoid disappointment.
  • Cycle to Sausalito. Sausalito is a beautiful seaside town just across the Golden Gate Bridge. Chill out and absorb the laid-back vibes as well as the stunning views of the San Fran sky line and the water front.
  • Food time. San Fran has an amazing food scene. Don’t forget to also check out the The Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market
  • Take a Tram. I love the old fashion and beautiful trams that are all across the city . It is another thing that makes this place unique & fun.You can ride one along the water front or through the city centre.
  • Adventure around. We always love wandering around new cities and exploring & seeing the diferent areas. Our favourite spots included Chestnut, The marina & Pacific Heights.
  • Golden Gate Park. Why not grab some food at the Farmers market and head on down to the park. It is such a massive green space, over looking the sea and the wonderful golden gate bridge. It is the perfect location to relax and have a picnic in the sunshine!

San Fransisco

My advice:

Stay safe.Be aware of wandering through Tenderloin and down Mission Street at night. These are two of the most dangerous parts of town. Avoid them at night if you can.

The cycle across the bridge to Sausalito, Make sure your up to a good fitness level or feel confident on a bike as it is very hilly to the bridge and on the bridge there can be strong winds.

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