Simple 3 ingredient baked falafels 

Easy baked gluten & vegan falafel recipe WITHOUT deep frying

 Simple 3 ingredient baked falafels 


Makes : 8/12 falafels 

1 can of non salted red kidney beans

1 medium sweet potato

1 cup of quinoa

hand full of fresh coriander

1 lemon 

tsp paprika

2tsp black pepper

1tsp cumin seeds 


Before anything rinse your beans in cold water (this helps you to digest them better). On the stove boil in separate pans the sweet potato and quinoa until the quinoa is fluffy and the potato is soft. Drain the water from the sweet potato and leave to cool. Turn the oven on to 200c.

In a blender blend the kidney beans, lemon juice and all of the seasonings.

Whilst the potato is cooling. In a mixing bowl add the quinoa to the kidney bean mix. Mix well until it is all combined.

Now blend the sweet potato with the fresh coriander and once smooth add the the kidney bean mix. Make sure it is all mix it well. Now get your tray ready with grease proof paper. Mesh the mixture (using your hands) in to bit size falafel balls.

Bake for 10mins then turn. Check to see if they are going crispy if not then you might have to bake for another 5mins.

Enjoy these are delicious to add to salad bowls, wraps and just to snack on in the day 🙂

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I love how simple these were to make, super delicious and guilt free! Thanks x

Jessica J  - New York


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