Roxanne recently designed and led a great fitness-based team building program for our team offsite. Her exercises were tailored to our specific needs – challenging, inclusive and a lot of fun. Roxanne helped us to keep up our energy levels and our motivation up throughout the day, and to work better as a team. I would definitely engage her again.

Dr. Stefanie Teichmann, Strategy Director, Europe Group, The Coca-Cola Company

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I absolutely love Roxy’s bootcamp! We do different circuits every week, which always keeps it fun and interesting and I have learnt loads of exercises and techniques I can use in my own time. Roxy is so friendly and encouraging she definitely brings out the best in my workouts and has shown me how to use lots of new equipment and weights. I love how we target different body areas in each circuits and after going for a year I can definitely notice a significant increase in my fitness and toning – best bootcamp ever

Kim Pridgeon – Group Finance Manager at Innocent Smoothies

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Roxanne has been my personal fitness trainer for the last year, she had been been a full time tennis player until injury stopped her amazing progress. She then decided to became a trainer and was coached by the top UK professionals she is now in a league of her own.

I am sadly getting on in years but Roxanne has devised exercises that are suitable for me and is genuinely keeping me fit and alive !!! She makes me work hard but with great humour and I enjoy all the exercises she makes me do particularily the Boxing !

She knows exactly how far she can push me and is extremely caring and capable.

I have been delighted to hear how she has been training corporate organizations they are lucky to have her on their team.

I wish her all the best in the world ,and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Robert Tatlow – London

I have never felt fitter and happier. Everyone notices the 10kgs (stone and half) i’ve lost. My clothes fit better and I can finally wear the clothes I want to wear.

I’m getting married next year and with RoxyFit’s help, I will be able to get in to the dress of my dreams. She is so motivating and tailored my fitness plans to my needs. I couldn’t have come as far as I have without her.

Claudia Green

So my final results over from the Roxyfit 6 week online program

Weight loss – 9lbs

Fat loss – 5.5%

Muscle mass gain – 5%

Feeling the fittest I’ve ever felt thanks to the combo of Roxyfits Eat smart recipes , Online workouts & running Yay!! 

Thanks so much Roxy!

Omoyele Thomas

Apart from being an expert in footwork patterns for tennis, Roxanne is an excellent all round trainer. Her inter-personal skills are exceptional which helps motivate athletes in the toughest of competitive environments. She is reliable and comfortable with all ages and we highly recommend Roxanne to anyone wanting to get fit, train or simply stay in shape.

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“I really enjoy my sessions with Roxanne. No session is ever the same she makes each session extremely varied and fun. Roxanne is very good at motivating me and I look forward to every session. A real bonus is how she is able to provide all round support incorporating diet with overall wellbeing. I have noticed an improvement in my fitness level and I am definitely more toned.”

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