My Top 5 Workout leggings

Hey every one hope your all keeping warm in this very cold winter. If you don’t follow me I live in NYC and this is y 2nd winter living out here. Even though I have come so much more prepared this year it still doesn’t prepare you for that brutal below freezing. Luckly my husband and I booked a trip to San Fran last weekend which was fabulous wow what a beautiful city. And also gave us a break from the cold. Have you got any trips coming up?

I have been meaning to write this blog for a while now as I for one love and know how good it feels to have a fresh pare of workout pants that are the real deal. I wanted to share with you my staple pants I work out in and that never let me down :).I find they are the most flattering, comfortable, long wearing & stylish ones around. All of the brands I mention I wear on a weekly basis and trust.  Feeling fierce & fabulous when working out I think is so important for our motivation & the way we approach our fitness sessions.

First up :

Knockout by Victoria Sport Tight

These leggings fit like a glove, hold you in exactly where needed and never ever move or fall down when working out ( I don’t know about you but that last point is super important at to me. There is nothing worse than sprinting as fast as you can struggling to the end and then your leggings decide to not hold up and your having to forever keep pulling them up mid sprint. Can I get an amen? They are super smooth which is why they give you such a flattering finish.

They change their styles pretty much every 6/8 weeks so you can always switch it up color and patterns. Also watch out for their special offers. Last time I bought a pare I got them for $50 with any sports bra instead of $70 for 1.

See these pants in action in one of my IG workout videos

Lulu In Movement 7/8 Tight
Everlux 25″

I love this pant I have it in 3 different colors. It feels like you have nothing on but gives you so much support and are super flattering. The way they have designed them gives you your best shape.

See them in action in my workout video

I also love the Lulu lemon Fast & Free Bra Nulux to Match the pant. Again it feels so comfortable on your skin but give you great support for any type of exercise. Whilst looking extremely on trend. Another positive, they can be worn casual too. In more than 1 occasion I have gone to brunch after a work out or ran some errands in them ;P dont judge me you know we all do it haha!


Solfire clothing The chelsea tight 

I love this brand not only have I been to a couple of events that were held at their Brooklyn store I have also been lucky enough to collaborate with them. As a team they are so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable for what pant is right for you.  The Chelsea tight Elevates your look with our form-flattering tight made for a fashion forward workout. With Mesh panel on the calf enhances breathability to keep you cool.  Powermesh inner-waistband engineered to feel comfortable and hold you close and Flat seams which  move smoothly against your skin.

Photo taken by Dan Goodman

They have some really fun pattern & designs. Again what I love is how the pant never moves even when your at your sweatiest so again perfect for running or hot yoga 😉.

LA and San Diego blog
Photo taken by Dan Goodman

See this pant in action on another workout video


What I love mostly about their leggings is the style and shape. When I wanted to pick a piece to try it took me forever as I loved every design which is super rare with sports gear. I also love how at the back of the pant at the bottom of your spin the design dips in to a V shape which makes your butt look great and perky 😉. They also have a IG community for women to share their fitness journeys through their apparel. You can also purchase these pants at Bandier online and in store.

Workout video 


Nike I think is a staple piece in any fitness goers wardrobe. No matter how many brands I go to I always end up coming back to Nike. They are a classic. These leggings are like the LuLu pant above as they are so comfortable that you don’t really notice they are their but at the same time they mold to your body giving your the best shape possible for your body type. There is also something about working out in brand new Nike apparel you feel like you can get your fastest sprint, lift your heaviest weight and get that goal you have been wanting to hit month.

I hope you have enjoyed shopping with me and this has given you some inspiration on your next fitness spre. Let me know below your fav sport brands below.


Next week I will be updating you on my trip to San Fran.  Sharing all of our fav food spots, workouts and general touristy adventures around the beautiful city.

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