How to run better with Laura

My guest blogger shares tips on running and keeping fit

Being in the world of blogging & fitness I love to read other fitness and wellness professionals blogs as it motivates and inspires me. I have teamed up with the fabulous PT & model Laura Scanlon. She follows similar training methods to me and Is a fantastic runner so I like to learn running tips from her. I love to follow other fitness professionals that motivate, inspire and are knowledgeable and Laura is definitely all of the above,  you must go check out her IG page here
and give her a follow. Because of Laura’s high level in running she has written two very informative blogs sharing tips and exercises to improve your running pace & technique. I knew as soon as I read this blog I had to share with my readers.

@laura_bodyzone Laura Scanlon


About Laura

Hey, I’m Laura, I’m a personal trainer, fitness blogger, runner & model. My website is an online gym and health/fitness blog where people can follow watch workout videos, download FREE workout/running Ebook’s and gain health/fitness knowledge through blog posts. I love sharing workouts with people on how to utilize your body as your own gym, ie. Bodyweight exercises.

Quick fire questions

Cardio or weights ? Running 

Yoga or Pilates? Yoga

High intensity or low intensity workouts? High Intensity

Chocolate or vanilla ? Strawberry 😛

For breakfast sweet or savory? Savory

Spicy or non spicy? Non Spicy

Sprints or Spinning ? Sprints

Netflix or YouTube? YouTube

Phone Call or Text? Whatsap voice messages

Instagram or Twitter? Instagram

Hip hop or house music? HOUSE

Big Party or Small Gathering? Big Party

Normal Clothes or sports clothes? Sports always 

Football or Tennis? Tennis

Beach or mountain holiday? BEACH

Cinema or theatre? Cinema

Summer or winter holiday? SUMMER

Private jet or boat? BOAT

Trainers or Sandals? Trainers

Hamburger or Tacos? BURGER

Online Shopping or Shopping in a Store? Store shopping

Links to Laura’s Running blogs below




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