8 week bespoke program

Along with all the benefits of the 8 week programme, the bespoke plan offers you the chance to personalise everything. Start by booking a skype session with Roxy to discuss your goals and your first workout together. From here Roxy will devise a training plan and eating plan for you to follow for the 8 weeks that is completely personal to you and tailored to your body type, goals and ambitions along with a healthy dose of Roxy’s goal setting for where she thinks you can be too.

Roxy Fit’s 8 week online program is a full body cardio and resistance work out. In this program you will sweat and shred weight at the same time as building lean muscle tone. Roxy’s passion for fitness & variety in exercises will push & motivate you to new fitness highs.

Along with the training you will have an eat smart guide & recipes to follow in conjunction, which will help you reach your goals and feel body beautiful. It is not a diet or quick fix. This is a life style change which you will learn to love and incorporate in your every day life

Length 8 weeks, ( 3 online )
Price $99 or £73

  • 1 hour online, one to one fitness session with Roxy. Where she will also go through the bespoke fitness program she has designed for your own personal fitness goals.
  • Your own bespoke workout. Which will be written & in a video form with tutorial with voice over guiding you through the correct technique.
  • 1 additional workout video per week. Which also has the voice over tutorials.
  • cardio written workouts to try on your other training days.
  • 8 breakfast and lunch/dinner recipes
  • Eat smart guide. This includes
  • healthy snack ideas
  • how to handle cravings
  • what to avoid and replace with
  • guide to a healthier lifestyle
  • 1 workout hiit session to complete each week over the 8 weeks. Which is in a video form with voice over tutorials.


I have continued to work with Roxy because she gives great support and keeps me motivated.

Jessica, New York

Her exercises were tailored to our specific needs – challenging, inclusive and a lot of fun.

Stefanie, Atlanta

Feeling the fittest I've ever felt thanks to the combo of healthy eating and RoxyFit! Yay!!

Omoyele, London